Dog-owners have been putting their canine kids in costumes for years -- who among us hasn't seen a Dachshund dressed as a hot dog or a tiny little Chihuahua in a tutu? And yeah, they're cute and everything, but yawn. Whatever.

Bring a celebrity slant to it, though, and everything changes. No one will be nodding off when they see your pooch as a pop star, an '80 TV icon or one of history's greatest Lotharios. And did we mention a few of these get-ups have faux cleavage?

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    Lady Gaga

    The literal hair bow Lady Gaga sported in 1990 is so iconic that her wax figure at Madame Tussauds features the same weird 'do. This costume set includes the blonde bow wig, a black ruffled disco dot bodysuit and vented glasses -- and oddly enough, they look better on the dog modeling them than they ever did on Mother Monster. / Nick Harvey, Getty Images / Nick Harvey, Getty Images
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    Katy Perry

    Meet Katy's 'California Gurls' stunt-double. The costume comes with a blue wig, some heart-shaped shades and a cupcake bra-top -- but if you want it to shoot whipped cream, you're on your own. / Capitol / Capitol
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    Hugh Hefner

    He's got the red smoking jacket and the (toy) pipe. All he needs now are some righteous bitches and he'll be the most enviable dog in town. / /
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    If you want modern-era Madonna, just have your dog go naked. But before she got desperately age-inappropriate, retro Madge covered her rack with cones and made an even bigger splash during her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour. This ensemble includes the famous cone-bedecked bustier top and a blonde wig with an attached microphone -- and if you can teach your dog to vogue, you're golden. / Frank Micelotta, Getty Images / Frank Micelotta, Getty Images
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    Before she had a baby and got all sober and boring, Snooki stumbled around 'Jersey Shore' in hooker dresses and heinous furry boots that no one should wear, ever. The outfits were silly enough on her, but put them on a dog along with faux funbags and her infamous hair pouf -- and that, folks, is comedy gold. / Twitter / Twitter
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    Mr. T

    WE PITY THE FOOL WHO DOESN'T FIND THIS HILARIOUS. It might not work on, you know, a prissy dog, but the Mohawk wig, camouflage-printed shirt with attached muscle sleeves and "T" necklace are perfect for the shorter, squattier canines out there. (But I may get this for my Chihuahua anyway. The photo-op would be epic.) / MTV / MTV
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    Marilyn Monroe

    It's not very often that bulldogs get to feel pretty, but the one here is definitely Queen for a Day in Monroe's legendary white dress from 'The Seven Year Itch.' The set also comes with a curly platinum wig and AGAIN WITH THE DOG BOOBS. Now you just need someone to follow her around and blow a fan up her skirt. / 20th Century Fox / 20th Century Fox

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