Say what you want about Demi Lovato, but the girl practices what she preaches.

Example: The once deeply troubled starlet has been residing in a sober living house for the past year to cope with her issues and prevent herself from regressing.

Lovato reportedly is adamant against relapsing back into her addictions and problems, which included alcohol, cocaine, bulimia, bipolar disorder and self-harm -- and she's taking measures to prevent it. TMZ says that she felt great after in-patient rehab, but wanted to keep on the straight and narrow with some extra help.

It's a pretty wise move on Lovato's part, considering she lives in a town of enabling people who would probably never say "no" to her, making it really easy to get back into trouble.

It's unclear how long Lovato will stay in the facility, but when she does head out, she has a swanky Los Angeles pad to call home too.

It's worth noting, though, that this report came conveniently after a blind item widely believed to be about Lovato relapsing and going back to rehab hit the web. Still, Lovato's responsibility and commitment to recovery are pretty remarkable.

Lindsay Lohan, are you paying attention?

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