Looks like Adam Lambert will have some company on 'Glee' this year, because Demi Lovato is reportedly about to ink a deal to appear in a "significant" story arc on the show -- one that will have her performing several musical numbers with him.

Sources tell TVLine that Lovato will play a New York-based character named Dani, a struggling artist who's friends with Rachel and Santana.

The six episode arc -- Demi's first major acting gig since her Disney series 'Sonny with a Chance' went off the air in 2011 -- will see her making her debut appearance on 'Glee' as soon as Oct. 3. And with her work as a panelist on 'X Factor,' it'll make for a busy few months for her (since both shows air on FOX, they're playing nicely with each other and sharing her talents).

With the news coming on the eve of her 21st birthday, it's certainly a much better gift for her than that whole "someone might have naked photos of Demi" story that broke earlier today.

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