Singer Adam Lambert's 31st birthday is on Jan. 29 -- but he celebrated a few days early with a party on Friday night (Jan. 25) in California. And in true Glambert style, this wasn't a muted, low-key affair.

There were your requisite gay male strippers, but Adam is so fabulous that even straight boys take their clothes off for him.

West Hollywood nightspot Bootsy Bellows was the locale for the soiree, and photos that have emerged from the event show a good time was had by all. Especially David Arquette.

Courteney Cox's ex is known for his uninhibited ways and wild ensembles, but normally it's what he IS wearing that makes news -- not what he isn't. This time, though, was different.

David stripped down to his man panties to pay homage to the birthday boy, and the evidence was caught on camera by two party attendees. And lest you think Arquette woke up with a brutal hangover and a case of the regrets, think again -- he retweeted one of the photos below with the words, "Happy Birthday buddy. Thanks for celebrating."

Arquette is one of the owners of Bootsy Bellows, so maybe he was just being a gracious host. His underwear even seem to say "thank you" on the back. Or is it "spank you"? You can let your mind wander on that.

Regardless, I know a lot of bar and restaurant owners and none of them have ever taken their clothes off for me like this. Skipping the fact that I'd rather many of them didn't, you'd think all the tequila I've bought over the years would've been worth some nudity that wasn't mine.

David Arquette gives Adam Lambert a birthday lapdance
David Arquette gives Adam Lambert a birthday lapdance

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