Once upon a time, Carmen Electra was a Prince protegee. Since then, she's been more of an actress and all-around hot babe than a singer -- but with the release of her new single, 'Bigger D-ck,' all that could change.

The song, featuring Mams Taylor, is two minutes and 49 seconds of Carmen bragging about her impressive, uh, member. (The artwork we've featured here is for the "clean" version, 'Bigger Stick.')

But don't worry, fellas. She isn't being literal. She's being figurative. Because she's an artist.

"It was inspired from women, including my dancers and my niece (who was kind of going through something with her husband), and it was inspired by being, I guess, in a relationship where you wear the pants," Carmen told Noisey.

But it wasn't easy for Carmen to take this bold, groundbreaking step and shatter the paradigms of current pop music. She struggled. She lost sleep.

"Truthfully, I felt really nervous about coming out in such a bold way. And not everyone knows what’s behind it, so I think people can interpret it in many different ways," she says. "I did have a moment of 'Is this the right thing?'"

What we're hearing here is that for Carmen Electra, 'Bigger D-ck' is the 'Sophie's Choice' of songs. And with lyrics like, "I got the hair, nails, lipstick and a bigger d-ck than you," we can see why.

We're not saying that we've listened to the song four times within the course of writing this, but if we had, the shame (hypothetically) wouldn't have kicked in yet. DON'T JUDGE US.

Click below to check it out (or buy it on iTunes), and let us know if the whole thing is just a non-subliminal message to Ryan Lochte. Or maybe Simon Cowell.

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