'Silver Linings Playbook' hottie Bradley Cooper has been failing in the love department lately, most recently splitting with actress Zoe Saldana -- and now being dumped by a model for fondling her feet too much.

Allegedly, of course.

The pair were supposedly set up by Bradley's co-star Jennifer Lawrence, who introduced Cooper to her model friend Laura Simpson. And for a while, things went well.

“After a bunch of dates, things got very awkward,” a source told In Touch, adding Bradley and his new love-interest went on six “real” dates and “were hooking up for about a month.”

Now, keep in mind this is In Touch and therefore everything they say should be taken with a grain of Epsom salt, but things get a little twisted from there.

The friend paid informant says that Cooper asked Simpson send him pictures of her feet, a request she wasn't really feeling. “He was always touching her feet," the source said. "It was weird, so she broke it off.”

Damn, what a freak.

Her, not him. Because who the hell dumps Bradley Cooper? So he likes feet. Get a pedicure and enjoy the spoils, lady.

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