The Santa Barbara neighbors of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's are reportedly furious after the celebrity power couple was spotted using gas-powered motor bikes along the pristine coastline like really attractive Captain Planet supervillains.

Brad, 49, taught son Knox how to cruise the dunes while his siblings Maddox and Pax raced behind them on Easter Sunday -- but apparently their vehicles are not allowed by state regulations.

Ken Palley, a neighbor and self-proclaimed eco-warrior, spoke to Radar Online about the matter, saying, “I am not sure if it is illegal to drive on the beach in Santa Barbara County but it is certainly reprehensible."

Palley says the bikes are "massively damaging" to the environment and wished people who lived on the coastline acted "more responsibly."

Ken might think he's the self-appointed beach police, but it turns out Angie and Brad have a team of their own, and other neighbors have complained about being "bullied" off state beaches by their security.

Mike Lunsford, president of the Gaviota Coast Conservancy, said he's heard people complaining about being punted from the beaches by the duo's bodyguards: “I think they have some over-zealous security people who have legitimate concerns about their safety and paparazzi invading their privacy ... but there have been incidents where people have been just going for a hike and one friend was rudely accosted.”

Jolie, 37, and Pitt own property adjacent to Gaviota State Park, where many beaches are preserved and apparently everyone is vigilant about this sort of thing.

"On state beaches, only lifeguard or rescue vehicles can drive on them,” Lunsford added. “I saw the pictures, I wasn’t surprised, [Brad] probably didn’t know it was against the law. But he shouldn’t be doing it.”

(Worst case scenario: Angelina Jolie has to dress as a life guard. Everybody wins.)

Another neighbor wanted to remain anonymous out of fear -- because Angie can curve bullets, you know. “This is another example of some rich [expletive] who thinks he’s cool,” said the source. “Maybe he just doesn’t realize what harm he could be doing and what a bad example it sets."

Several locals expressed a desire for county regulators to step in -- and they just might, because according to the Santa Barbara County Beaches and Parks Code, the area is a protected habitat.

On the plus side, Angie and Brad can probably afford jet packs for the whole family.

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