If you have a calendar and pay any attention to Mayan predictions, you know the end is nigh. And nothing has made this clearer than the news that Betty White and Kim Kardashian are teaming up and hitting the town.

Thankfully it’s only for White’s prank show, so we know she can’t actually be serious about clubbing - klubbing? - with Kimmy K.

In an effort to help us all start the new year right, our fave nonagenarian celeb welcomed Kim to two back-to-back episodes of ‘Betty White’s Off Their Rockers’ - a prank show involving adorable elderly people playing jokes on the rest of us - on NBC on Jan. 8.

This time the joke is that Kim Kardashian is there. Okay, there might be another prank involved, but we see what White did there.

In a photo released by NBC, White is helping Kardashian with her makeup as they get ready to go out for the evening. But that’s all we know: Betty and Kim play a joke in which they hit the town together.

That does seem like a cruel trick.

As far as the pre-outing prep goes, we’re guessing White used whatever makeup tricks she could to minimize KK’s very noticeable and embarrassing vapidity before any possible photo ops together.

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