It's time to celebrate the best moments on TV this week -- in GIF form, obviously. In this week's GIFapalooza, Liz Lemon gets married, Leslie and Ben get cute on 'Parks and Recreation,' and oh, Liz Lemon gets married (it was so awesome, we had to list it twice).

'30 Rock'

Finally, Liz Lemon can really have it all: sandwiches AND a man.


Little Liz Lemon is too cute.




Jack Donaghy speaks for an entire nation of single women/Liz Lemon worshipers.


Liz Lemon has perfected the ultimate eyeroll. And now if you'll excuse us, we'll be spending the next week trying to perfect it too.


'New Girl'

Schmidt wants to go see the gynecologist. HASHTAG EXCITEMENT!


Biological clock, man. That ish is real.


We're having "Vagenius" printed on all of our business cards.


'The Mindy Project'

So relatable.


Sophisticated reading material.


FACT. Get tested regularly, people.


'Parks and Recreation'

Ben's face displays a feeling we totally understand.


"Balloon artisan." That is all.


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