Angelina Jolie made her stunning, post-mastectomy return to the red carpet on June 2 at the London premiere of her partner Brad Pitt's summer action film 'World War Z.'

Jolie, draped in a form-fitting, black Saint Laurent gown, wore an ear-to-ear grin. She looked as beautiful as ever and unintentionally stole the spotlight from the film -- because, really, how could she not?

Brangelina was monochromatic in black. With his scruffy facial stubble and shoulder-skimming locks, Angie couldn't take her eyes off her fiance.

Tim P Whitby, Getty Images

Here's a better look at her gown, which had a sheer abdomen, an high neckline and a column shape, highlighting how slim the star is (a little too slim right now, but given what she's been through, that's understandable).

It was simple, but wow. What a headturner. Jolie took a somewhat basic black dress and elevated it.

Tim P. Whitby, Getty Images

Our favorite thing about the Saint Laurent dress is the movement of the fabric. Look how it flows when she walks.

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Angie's long, messy waves were a flawless foil to the unfussy structure of the dress.

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Jolie said she was "moved" by the support from the London crowd. And with this broad and bold smile, we're going to have to relegate Pitt to Jolie's second best accessory. (Just for this night, though.)

Stuart C. Wilson, Getty Images