Adam Lambert isn't shy when it comes to his closet and dressing up -- no pun intended. The openly gay (and newly single) singer is flashy, flamboyant and fabulous -- and he isn't afraid to don outrageous clothes on stage and off.

He didn't earn the nickname "Glambert" by accident.

All-black is the pop singer and former 'American Idol' contestant's signature, from the his hair to his ensembles. Can we just say that we love the wedge heel bootie he wore? Platforms are not solely the playground of the starlet.

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Even when he chooses to wear color, like this sparkly silver suit, he makes sure to include some black in the mix. Here, he's topped with a black coat. The singer is always loud and proud.

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What's Right:

His hair is usually inky in hue, but he'll occasionally throw us for a loop with a little stripe of color. He likes his black eyeliner and black nail lacquer, too, working the gothy glam image to perfection. But when he does it, it's typically playful, as opposed to funeral-like seriousness that's often inherent in some goth-a-holics.


After the color black, accessories are Lambert's biggest style signature. For example, here he dressed up a basic black suit with leopard-print shoes and a rust-hued tie. Snazzy!

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And these round glasses, which he paired with rare blond hair, were so throwback-y and faboosh.


Even when he plays it "safe," which isn't often, you can't argue with the results. He always puts thought into his look -- like the bling featured here.

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We love the blue hue of this ensemble. And those blue suede shoes take things up a notch. Creepers are so punk rock and A. Lamb mixed and matched flawlessly.

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What's Wrong:

Adam may be perfection much of the time, but even he stumbles on occasion.

Below you'll see he went punk rock at a fashion show with another pair of Creepers, except the overall styling this time was a bit too costumey. His white-blond locks ended up looking grey.

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This brown suit, paired with a major fur, is a bit too Don King-meets-Liberace. It's dramatic and overdone. We won't even get into the mustache. But at least he rocked those leopard-print shoes again.

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This silvery suit is also a bit too loud and garish. The sheen was blinding and it felt like it was purposely screaming for our attention. Adam, no need -- you've already got it.

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While we've celebrated Glambert's ability to accessorize near perfectly, he has had a flub here and there, like these studded, fingerless gloves that were too matchy-matchy with his hair and the rest of his look.

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How to Fix It:

Lambert always wows in his signature black. We'll never get tired of seeing him indulge his dark side, so he needn't stop doing that. The devil is in the deets -- like those repeated wedge booties.

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He also works leather like nobody's bidness. The fabric is clingy but since he's so in shape, it's an excellent choice.

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When he's on stage, a big, bold, faboo red fur and slick wet-look black latex pants are perfectly suited for entertaining. (But off stage? These items would just look campy.)

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As long as Lambert remains adventurous, we're happy. He's tried blond hair, which didn't last long -- and we admit we didn't like as much as his identifiable black tips. But he still has the cajones to play around with his style and to have fun, and that's why he's so interesting to watch.

He does break with his signatures every once in a while, but as long as he finds his way back, he's aces. The thick, smudgy black guyliner is another go-to of his that works.


Come on, how many dudes can make an all-black outfit look sexy and fresh every time? That's largely thanks to Lambert's confidence -- it's a priceless intangible that makes outfits work on him that might not work on anyone else.

He knows he looks good. That's why he's a styler star -- and a headturner.

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