Generally, the mullet is frowned upon. It’s the raisins in the Halloween bag of hairdos. But we don’t know why. A mullet, if done well on the right head, can be a very enticing ‘do indeed. A person can have a short cut while leaving something flowy for someone special to run their fingers through.

If a man is thinning on top, he can keep a little extra on the bottom and try to hold on to his youth. And who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the versatility of “business in the front, party in the back?” We’ve admired Hollywood mullets over the years. Celebrities past and present have mastered the mullet in a way that makes us quite envious. Here are 10 of our faves.

  • PhilCollins, YouTube
    PhilCollins, YouTube

    Phil Collins

    If any hair was ever meant to be mulleted it was the hair that sat, not atop, but just south of Phil Collins’ head. His was the kind of soft, luscious mullet that made you want to take him home and run your fingers through it. We firmly believe that for Phil, there was no jacket required because all he needed was that mullet. If you look very very closely, the entire cover of that album is mullet.

  • Columbia Records
    Columbia Records

    Michael Bolton

    His music is cheesy, but his mullet was the kind of quality mane that was probably the inspiration for many a steamy novel. We never got too lost in his sappy tunes, but we could definitely get lost in that mullet. He was the king of “the less hair I have on top, the more hair I’ll keep on the bottom.” And those curls. From certain angles, we get the very strong feeling that he was a poodle in a past life.

  • Paramount Television
    Paramount Television

    Kelsey Grammer

    One of the most iconic mullets of the '90s. Kelsey Grammer wore this so well that it should be called The Frasier Crane. It’s as if the hairdo itself could act along with Grammer. When Frasier was feeling calm and happy, the mullet was tame and controlled. When Frasier’s feathers were ruffled, the mullet was equally as ruffled. Some of the best hair acting in must-see TV.

  • Michael Buckner, Getty Images
    Michael Buckner, Getty Images

    Kristen Stewart

    We find it curious that Kristen Stewart’s hair seems to have more personality than she does. A few years ago, KStew had the honor and privilege of playing Joan Jett in the biopic ‘The Runaways.’ This meant, for a time, Stewart sported a rock-n-roll mullet. And, to our surprise, she wore it pretty well. Joan Jett herself was probably proud to pass the rock-n-rullet on to the ‘Twilight’ star. We would encourage Kristen to move away from the stringy long look and go back to the mullet any day.

  • EMI Manhattan
    EMI Manhattan

    Richard Marx

    We’d like to say that Richard Marx should’ve known better, but we can’t. We love that mullet. We’d let him hold on to the night as long as he’d let us hold on to those locks. If only he knew that as soon as we set eyes on that stunning head of hair, we were right there waiting for him. It’s too bad he grew out of that mullet and couldn’t have it now and forever. We know it’s too late to say goodbye, but this was straight from our heart.

  • NBC Productions
    NBC Productions

    Mario Lopez

    Mario Lopez brought the mullet to a younger generation. He took a cue from the mulleted hunks who had gone before him and kept his curly hair just a little too long in the back just because he could. What would A.C. Slater have been without his mullet? We’re pretty sure it was the mullet that gave him his sweet dance moves. Maybe he realized how much he rocked the mullet, maybe he didn’t. It certainly didn’t stick around. At this point, he’s probably hoping we couldn’t see the mullet past those dreamy, adorable dimples.

  • Robert Mora, Getty Images
    Robert Mora, Getty Images

    Scarlett Johansson

    At some point, after she must have watched way too many episodes of ‘The Brady Bunch,’ Scarlett Johansson decided a mullet was the way to go. If anyone was going to be able give FloHen a run for her mullet money, ScarJo would be the one with the chops to do it. There are not a lot of women in Hollywood who could do this ‘do justice, and yet, somehow, ScarJo did it. She very easily proved that she could look rather hot with any hair.

  • Embassy Pictures
    Embassy Pictures

    George Clooney

    You have to admit, no matter who you are, that George Clooney can make any hairdo look good. We get the feeling that he justified a lot of failed mullets by looking so steamy hot in his. Sure, he’s rocking the clean-cut, silver fox look now, but in his youth and early days on TV, Clooney’s mullet gave him just the right amount of spry charm to cement him in his Hollywood throne. And, because it’s George Clooney, we don’t really care that it’s not “business in the front.”

  • Paramount Television
    Paramount Television

    Florence Henderson

    Before there was ScarJo, there was Carol Brady. If Joan Jett set the tone for the rock-n-roll she-mullet, Florence Henderson had the she-mullet of suburban housewives. After seeing her on ‘The Brady Bunch,’ we were sure there was wisdom in that mullet. While the men on her show were embarrassing themselves with perms, FloHen was pushing the envelope in the sweetest, most ladylike mullet ever to fly across the airwaves.

  • Lorimar Telepictures
    Lorimar Telepictures

    John Stamos

    When we fell in love with John Stamos, we fell in love with his mullet. The show was called ‘Full House’ because it was full of John’s hair and the rest of the people, who were mulletless and therefore unimportant. Stamos was beautiful, he could sing and his hair was equal parts rock and responsibility. It’s easy to be the cool uncle when you have a sweet mullet. We firmly believe that the big feather, long, luxurious mullet look should actually be called the Uncle Jesse.

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