Pink’s Hair Looks Like This Now [PHOTOS]
Normally, when a celeb makes a drastic hair change, it usually means they've gone from long to short, lopping off several inches (or, in some cases, feet) of hair in favor of a new look. Sometimes there's extreme (Miley Cyrus) and sometimes there's just enough of a snip to notice (Jennifer Lawrence)…
Dumb Celebrity Quotes – Pink
Pink is a believer in tough love, saying it saved her life. Now that she's had a child herself, we're guessing she's either realized beating one's offspring is a bad idea -- or she's more in favor of it than ever. (We've been around kids who could give justification to …
Win a Guitar Signed by Pink
StarCrush and PopCrush are giving away a black and white electric guitar signed by probably the most badass chick in music today: Pink. And you could be the lucky person to win it.

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