Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper vs. Brad Pitt – Swoon-Off
It's a battle of the Brads! These two leading men steal their scenes in movies and have stolen our hearts. Brad Pitt first achieved heartthrob status back in the '90s, but Bradley Cooper has shown that newcomers can bring the heat, too. Who do you think is more swoon-worthy?
All About Bradley Cooper’s New Girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse
When Bradley Cooper was spotted leaving the Elle Style Awards in February with an unknown blonde, we didn't bat an eye. But when the pair was spotted repeatedly, including on the set of his new flick in Boston, questions arose.
Who was she? Where did she come from? Did she enjoy 'Hangover 2…
Jennifer Lawrence Is Bradley Cooper’s Yenta
Since Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper can't date each other -- mostly because they've denied an involvement so many times that it's become an inside joke -- Lawrence has resorted to setting up her 'Silver Linings Playbook' co-star with all her friends.
This didn't work out so well the first time…
Bradley Cooper + Jennifer Lawrence
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are both in the midst of all kinds of Hollywood awards love for their roles in 2012’s ‘Silver Linings Playbook.’ In the film they play two people on the very edge of sanity who end up the perfect couple with just the right co…