As President Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina on Thursday, Madonna was on a different stage -- the one at Yankee Stadium in New York. And while she was there, she made her feelings for the POTUS perfectly clear.

During her MDNA tour, the 54-year-old Material Girl has had a rather embarrassing habit of flashing naked body parts to the crowds, but this time, what she revealed was a lot more tame.

"Tonight I'm not going to show my ass. I'm going to show my feelings," she told the crowd of 40,000. "How's that for living dangerously?"

Then she ripped off her shirt and turned around, revealing the word OBAMA inked across her lower back.

She went on to talk about the "scary things" she'd seen on the various stops on her worldwide tour: "I've seen people being locked up and put in jail for speaking their minds, for being gay, for not practicing the right religion, for not dressing the proper way ... What it made me realize is how lucky I am to be living here in America. [But] it doesn't mean that this is the perfect country. We have a long way to go."

Take a look at a compilation of clips from the NYC show below.