We can't hide the fact that we already have a sad because Tina Fey’s bouncing baby television series ‘30 Rock’ will air its final episode on Jan. 31. But at least they’ve done what any good show would do: scheduled some surprise guest stars to finish things with a bang.

Included among them? Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

The show is usually pretty tight-lipped about upcoming episodes, but a little birdie let it slip that the California rep will guest star on the program’s swansong -- her first appearance on a scripted television comedy. (No, C-SPAN doesn't count.)

Politicians, she knows. Television interviews, she knows. But playing opposite Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey? Uncharted territory.

It’s not really a shocking turn of events, though. Pelosi has met both them both at events. In fact, at this year’s Kennedy Center Honors rehearsal dinner, the House Democrat was chatted up by the actors who, in Fey’s words, were there to pay tribute to a “national treasure.”

Clearly there's a mutual fandom thing going on -- Pelosi said this was a good time to do a TV show because she would “do almost anything Tina Fey" asked her to do.

And really, even though she claims she's new to all this, she's been in Congress more than 20 years. She's certainly seen her fair share of live comedy.