Always the victim of overzealous photographers trying to get that million dollar pic, Miley Cyrus has clearly had enough of these people getting to bend the rules in ways she is too famous to do herself.

So when she caught an able-bodied pap driving a car with a handicapped designation, parking in a handicapped spot and then running in front of her to snap photos while she walked her dogs, she decided it was time for the world to see the truth.

Sometimes celebs get a pass in the judicial system, but the reverse can be true as well. Nobody cares if a shutterbug gets a ticket. He’s of no interest to us. But, as Miley astutely pointed out, “If I park in a handicap spot because of these people, I get reported on the news.”

And so Cyrus documented a photographer doing what she isn't allowed to, and provided running commentary along the way. Apparently this guy drove at high speed through a residential neighborhood -- endangering pedestrians, kids and dogs -- before finally stopping in a parking place he shouldn't have been using to get his photo op.

Miley's hardly the first celeb to have trouble with paps who bend (or outright break) the law while behind the wheel. Is there really no way to get good pictures without driving like a douche? This guy couldn’t have found somewhere else to park along this quiet street? And really, exactly how interesting are photos of Miley Cyrus walking her dogs?

We'll just wait for the next time she takes the stage with strippers, thanks. It's a lot more compelling, and nothing but our eyes gets hurt in the process.