According to reports, Lindsay Lohan was recently booted from the crawling-with-celebs (and God knows what else) Hollywood hotspot Chateau Marmont for not paying her mini-bar bill.

While the former actress may be a deadbeat when it comes to her lodging, don't weep for her, Argentina, because she still finds the means to tote a $9,000 Hermes Birkin bag.

On Thursday, LiLo tweeted a shot of her prized possessions spilling out of a hot pink, handmade, meant-for-classy-gals Birkin (which makes us want to apologize to the bag because it's like it was born into the royal family and suffered a horrible switch in the hospital nursery that resulted in it being raised by a Lohan).

While we suspect that there are a few pills and some white powder congregating at the bottom of this lovely carryall, we can see she's toting around some crumpled-up dollars bills and a pack of Parliaments, thus further huskifying her speaking voice so she can someday play Joan Rivers in a biopic.

Oh, and spot the hair clip on the bag's handle? Somehow we doubt a stylista like, say, Victoria Beckham would blaspheme a Birkin like that.

Notice the snide caption Linds used, too.

We're not sure how a handbag that costs more than double the annual per capita income of residents in third-world countries equates to fighting for your dreams, but whatever. Besides, she's jetting off for a cameo on the 'Scary Movie' franchise, not to film scenes for a role in the next installment of 'The Hunger Games' or a Marvel Comics film.

Perspective. It's what's for dinner.