It was a tough holiday weekend for Americans, with Black Friday tramplings and brawls breaking out at stores and malls.

But it was an even worse weekend for Canadians, with Justin Bieber accepting a prestigious award from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper wearing a half-buttoned pair of overalls and a backwards baseball cap.

And he’s totally not sorry, so don’t even try to tell him he might've been underdressed. That was probably his best pair of Bieber-alls. And hey, he wore jewelry.

Since the Canadian Prime Minister can’t really knight anyone, his version of a “good job, eh” pat on the back is to hand out the semi-prestigious Diamond Jubilee Medal, which is an award given to Canadians in recognition of achieving prestigious acclaim abroad.

It doesn’t get you special parking. It doesn’t get you a cool title. It won’t even help you sell more records. So why shouldn’t it make you dress like a blind hip-hop farmer?

Justin received the award and had a brief photo op with the PM, but apparently didn’t think it was worth more than getting half-dressed and throwing on a hat, with his Instagram post saying, "I met the Prime Minister in overalls lol."

But even after a writer at Gawker gave Biebs the fresh new nickname “White Trash Prince,” the pop royal seems unfazed by the whole thing.

Biebs and his Beliebers defended his wardrobe, claiming he had just come from a meet-and-greet after his show and he didn’t have time to change into something non-Cabbage Patch Kid. Bieber even fired back at Gawker, writing, “If you expect me to have a change of clothes let a loan [sic] a suit at that specific time that’s crazy ...”

Ok, maybe not a suit, but let’s just all step back from this for a moment and realize that there is nowhere he could go in that outfit and not look like he got dressed in the dark while trying to hurry out of a Muppet's closet.

As for the Prime Minister – who seems expert at taking awkward photos – he didn’t seem at all offended. It’s possible he had no idea what was going on anyway, but this tweet came from his camp:

And never fear - apparently Bieber got his just desserts for such disrespectful behavior on Sunday night's episode of 'Family Guy,' where he was beaten up by resident brute Peter Griffin for an alleged affair with his wife.

As if being photographed in striped overalls, silver chains and bright yellow shoes wasn't punishment enough.