Child bride and Playboy reject Courtney Stodden and husband Doug Hutchison, who at 52 is old enough to be her much-older creepy uncle, deal with quite a bit of well-deserved scrutiny about their incredibly icky union.

But it'll bring you peace to know that while the pair filmed scenes for the second season of 'Couples Therapy,' they didn't even sleep together -- because someone (who really should've been her parents) finally said she was too young for such shenanigans.

Although Stodden recently celebrated her 18th birthday, she was only 17 while the series was being shot, so she had to leave the set nightly due to California's child labor laws.

"It was totally bizarre," a source said of the duo being apart while filming. "The whole point of the show was to have all these couples living together in the house [but] Courtney had to leave Doug every night."

In other words, "How can you depict a couple in therapy on TV when one half wasn't present since it was past her state-mandated bedtime?"

'Couples Therapy,' which you really shouldn't watch but probably will anyway, debuts Oct. 3 on VH1.