After throwing a celebratory tantrum following his 2012 Grammy wins, Chris Brown is desperate to create some more controversy in 2013. And this time, he wants Rihanna to be a part of the drama, because she's into that sort of thing.

Don't worry, though -- from the sounds of it, this one won't end in an arrest or black eyes (or worse, cryptic Instagram photos).

Breezy wants to perform with his maybe-girlfriend-definite-jumpoff at the February ceremony, four years after he infamously assaulted her ahead of the 2009 Grammys.

"Chris wants to perform with Rihanna at the Grammys to show the whole world they are back together," a source told Radar Online. "Chris doesn't care what the haters say, and wants to give the viewers an over the top performance with Rihanna."

Oh. Great.

The source says that Brown thinks a duet with RiRi will finally let the world get over that whole domestic abuse thing. "He wants the fans to know this is the real deal, and he is a changed man. If Rihanna can forgive him, the rest of the world should move on from what happened four years ago," the source explained of his mindset.

Thankfully, the Grammys so far "haven't signed off on having Chris and Rihanna perform together. It's an extremely delicate situation and there is concern about the backlash the performance could receive. But it could also be ratings gold."

It could also get Miranda Lambert some more crossover publicity. So everyone would win -- except us, because we'll have broken noses from all the facepalming.