This manse (which went for $13.4 million, by the way) was sold by the rubber-faced man himself, Jim Carrey, but based on the photos, his taste in home decor is no laughing matter.

Befitting its beach locale, the house has been decked out in a shore theme, complete with modern art renditions of coral, plenty of portholes and maybe a tentacle or six. Not to mention an abundance of brightly-colored glass mosaics that dot everything from the banisters to the television.

It also boasts 2,866 square feet of living space and a modest three bedrooms and four bathrooms. (We say "modest" because this is the celebrity world and anything less than five bedrooms makes you upper middle-class at best.)

Check out more photos of the nautical-themed abode below.

Real Estalker (2)
Real Estalker (2)
Real Estalker