It was the “honka honka” heard ‘round the world. Over the weekend, one very lucky Belieber had a rather interesting and fresh photo op with her music idol Justin Bieber. Then the photo was posted and everyone was all, “Hey. Wait. That dude’s touching your boob.”

Because he so was. But why? Did she ask him to? Was she disturbed by the advance? Is she suing him? What went on at that meet and greet? Seriously, if she’s a groupie, Bieber is ... well, a gropie.

And now, through the magic of Twitter, we finally have some answers.

The lovely and lucky @JocelynnBieber has been kind enough to shed light on this strange event 140 characters – or less – at a time. Allow us to tweet you (sorry) to a day in the life of a Belieber. And be warned: Bieber fans tweet a lot.

It all starts -- and by “all” we mean “the possible stalking” -- when our lucky fan discovers Biebs has arrived in her home state.

We’re not sure we actually believe that this super fan waited until Saturday’s show to “see” the Biebs, but if it’s on Twitter it must be true.

But for some reason we find it hard to believe.

So she starts to work out her alibi.

Now that she’s got it all worked out, poor Jocelynn is too excited to sleep. We totes get it, because we know what’s in her future.

When you’re up to no good, proper attire is important. You chose wisely, Jocelyn. We know some people who might want that shirt now.

By the afternoon of the Miami show, everything is going according to Jocelynn’s plan – whatever that may be.

Suddenly, Jocelynn’s dreams come true. But wait, no mention of any other overt sexual advances?

And suddenly the “plan” is revealed. Miss Jocelyn is a meet and greet crasher. A talented meet and greet crasher.

We tent our fingers in sneaky solidarity.

The tweet doesn’t lie.

The girl made her own bracelet, and judging by the one she used for her first sneak-in, it’s possible the crack Bieber security detail isn't exactly airtight.

@JocelynnBieber, Twitter

We told you. She’s a studied master.

Studied … master.

Neither can we, J-Biebs. Neither can we.

It’s possible she now wishes she had been forced to wait forever for that photo to be posted. Also, spelling doesn’t count for M&G crashers – in case you wondered.

And then, with one little pic, Jocelynn’s left ta-ta shoots to fame.

Ok, Jocelynn, you have some ‘splainin’ to do.

And ‘splainin’…

And ‘splainin’ …

Soooo … did you?



Really. Really. Really. Really. Learn to read. Really.

At least she’s keeping it real.

We’ve had some fun here, but Jocelyn seems uber sweet and down-to-earth -- even if she's totally lying when she says the boob grab didn't happen. (We know a boob grab when we see one.) Regardless, she appears to be handling her newfound infamy very well. She's right, she did no harm by sneaking into the meet and greet. Don't harsh on her.

If Bieber wants to creep her, that’s all on him.

She should probably have that boob bronzed, though. Someone on eBay would totally buy it.