Everyone man your battle stations. Up until now, one of the only ways to escape the power of vampires was to go out into the daylight and either watch them stay behind in the darkness, or witness them disintegrating right in front of you.

But that strategy will work no more now that Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have begun to spawn a new species of fairy vampire children.

Fairpires, if you will.

Before we freak out and forget, congratulations are in order for Paquin and Moyer, as the two stars of HBO’s ‘True Blood’ welcomed their actual human twin babies into the world just a few weeks early.

The couple, who play a fairy and a vampire respectively, were married in 2010 and these are their first children together. They wrapped their fifth season of the popular supernatural show in plenty of time to make room for two bundles of joy at home.

Pay no attention to the fact that if these children had been born to the characters Paquin and Moyer play on the show -- who were also a couple -- they would have a fairy mother and vampire father. And as any 'True Blood' fan will tell you, when a vampire drinks the blood of a fairy, it can walk in the daylight. So since these baby vamps have fairy blood coursing through their veins, they would be free to roam -- and hunt -- in the sun.

In other words, it’s possible the couple has just given birth to the plot for season six.