When you hear the word “diva” in reference to recording artists, it brings to mind larger-than-life legends like Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Cher.

But VH1 wants to change all that.

The video music channel is here to alter your opinion of what constitutes a diva -- or they’re pandering to record companies and making a buck while minimizing the talent and humbling grandeur of actual divas. Whichever.

Regardless, VH1's first step in this process is to include Miley Cyrus in its 2012 ‘Divas’ show. The next step is to add the equally un-legendary artists Demi Lovato, Ciara, Kelly Rowland and Jordin Sparks to the line-up.

Don't you have to at least be old enough to buy booze and score pills to qualify as a diva?

VH1 finishes this washing of the queenly word from our collective pop culture lexicon by having the flamboyant Adam Lambert host the show -- although we've gotta say he comes a lot closer to the actual definition of "diva" than any of the performers do.

But if any of those singers drop out, VH1 needn't worry. Our 12-year-old cousin is always available for gigs.

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