There's nothing more terrifying than seeing a child that you love in pain, and Usher has firsthand experience with the horrors of that already when his former stepson, Kile Glover, passed away following a water skiing accident.

So you can imagine how he felt when he learned that one of his sons had an accident in a swimming pool requiring hospitalization.

TMZ reports that the singer and 'Voice' mentor's son, Usher Raymond V, was hospitalized yesterday around 6PM.

The tyke, 5, was swimming with his aunt when he spotted a toy in the pool's drain. When he dove to retrieve it, his arm got stuck.

The boy's aunt immediately dove in to help and try prying his arm out of the drain, but it was stuck firmly inside. The maid also attempted to free the boy and failed.

After the maid screamed for help, two men working inside the house ran out and freed Usher's son, then immediately administered CPR on the boy while they waited for paramedics.

Usher came home as soon as he heard what happened and went to the hospital with his son in an ambulance. Usher and ex wife Tameka Foster are currently at the hospital with the boy, who doctors said should be fine.

Our thoughts are with Usher and his family at this time.

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