Tori Spelling is no stranger to fame and all that comes with it. She comes from a famous family, she's been in the spotlight herself since she was 16 years old, and she knows that tabloids often fabricate headlines and stories to sell magazines.

But this time, a headline on this week’s issue of Star Magazine about Tori Spelling’s “$300 Million Divorce” -- which Spelling says is utterly false -- has upset her son. And we all know what happens if you upset one of the bear cubs.

Mama bear comes after you.

Seems Spelling was at the grocery store with two of her children last week, and since her oldest son Liam is just learning to read, he’s apparently testing out his skills whenever he can. This meant perusing the covers of the tabloids at the checkout counter.

Hey, we all do it.

Except, for must of us, the embellished headlines are about people we don’t know. This time, the headline was about little Liam’s mother. According to Tori, he recognized the photos on the cover, then sounded out the word “divorce” and saw the question, “Who will get the kids?”

This scared him. He got upset and wanted to know why he and his siblings had to go away and what was happening to Mommy and Daddy. And, suddenly, the ugly twin brother of fame and privilege made himself known to the Spelling children.

Being forced to have this chat with her kids did not make Tori happy. So she took to her website and posted an open letter to Star Magazine, admonishing the writers for printing lies that hurt her kids. She said she can take it when tabloids make up stories about her, but she can’t take it when the stories are about her kids and her husband. To her, it’s just not right to drag them into it.

One could argue that this shouldn’t be a surprise to someone as famous as Tori Spelling. In fact, this could be an opportune time for her kids' first lesson in all this -- namely, “Mommy and Daddy make a living being famous. And sometimes, when people are famous, other people make up stories about them in order to also make a living.”

While the comments posted to her open letter were largely positive, even they showed both sides of the coin -- one person said Tori has a double standard when it comes to her family values, and pointed out that while she’s outraged that a magazine would make false claims about her marital status, she didn’t seem too concerned about family values when she was “committing adultery.” (Tori and her husband Dean first hooked up when they were both married to other people.)

But all that aside, we get it. Nobody wants to see their kids cry or be frightened for any reason. And we can understand Ms. Spelling’s frustration with such terrible things being printed on a magazine. But, unfortunately, we’re guessing this won’t be the last time it happens.

Children of notable people always have to learn the pitfalls involved in fame. The train is already on the tracks, so it seems there are only two choices for the parents: hop off, or go along for the ride -- explaining the scenery along the way.

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