You've Been Served
Rihanna is in the midst of a lawsuit with UK clothing retail giant Topshop, which has been using RiRi's face on its shirts without her consent -- and she wants $5 million for the breach.
Party On
When you’re a celebrity, it’s good to have someone around who can get you the things you want when you want them. (Of course, we mean innocent things like only brown M&Ms and your favorite brand of mineral water.)
But if you’re one of many celebrities -- Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Zayn Malik of …
One for All
You may have heard of Rihanna's not-so-well-received fashion line River Island, but what you may not know is that RiRi herself designed everything -- because apparently retail clothing isn't sexy enough, and sometimes you just want something comfy to wear on fat days.
Shade Tree
Even though it seemed otherwise, Rihanna wasn't throwing shade when she tweeted about Nicole Richie's 2013 Met Gala outfit -- which was one of those looks that took the event's overarching punk theme literally.
Easy Breezy
When Rihanna is away, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran will play.
Brown confirmed in a radio interview that he split from the 'Stay' songstress, then he was spotted partying with his ex-girlfriend and constant sidepiece Tran for his birthday.
Who needs to make decisions when you've got tw…
Father Knows Best
Even though roughly half the world seems to be in agreement that Rihanna and Chris Brown aren't exactly a match made in heaven, the two just can't seem to quit each other.
Now even Brown's own dad has spoken out on the matter.
Poor Planning
Drake is trying to end his feud with Chris Brown -- by calling him insecure and talking about stealing Rihanna away.
Good plan, bro.
It's Back On
Chris Brown and Rihanna break up and get back together every six minutes, which is to be expected from a healthy relationship based on mutual respect and the occasional assault.
The on-again-off-again couple are back on -- for now -- as evidenced by Rihanna's prolific Instagram account.
Not a Homewrecker
When Chris Brown and Rihanna's 8,732nd split was announced earlier today, the Internets went wild looking for anyone at which to point its collective troll finger.
Apparently one of those fingers landed on a self-proclaimed actress and model (read: waitress) named Keisha Kimball, who was spotted…
It's Over. Again. Maybe.
Will they? Won't they? Wellll ... not right now. Sources are saying music power couple Rihanna and Chris Brown have broken off whatever they had. Again.
'This Is the End'
Hot on the heels of yesterday's fake 'Pineapple Express' sequel trailer, the new red band trailer for Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogan's end-of-the-world comedy has arrived, and it's just as good as you imagined.
Peace Out
Since Chris Brown apparently can't afford to pay valets, he needs you to buy his upcoming album. And the latest stop in his Public Contrition Tour took him to the 'Today' show, where he apologized for beating up on-again-off-again lover Rihanna.
And he made that apology ... on April F…
Smitten + Smiting
Late last week, reports of a Chris Brown-Rihanna split emerged after a radio station tweeted that Brown said they weren't together.
Turns out that tweet was really, really old -- and they're still very much in love with one another (and with making the rest of us queasy).
Style Breakdown
Rihanna is a style lightning rod. On one hand, she plays by her own rules, creating and breaking fashion prescriptions with little regard to how everyone else does things, and sometimes she wows us. Other times, though, she completely misses the mark. We noticed that happens usually when she wears p…
Mama No Like
Rihanna has been blessed with a mom who says what the rest of us are thinking: Honey, you don't need to get naked all the time.
Rihstraining Order
Rihanna is terrified of a stalker who tried breaking into her home -- so she's taking appropriate actions to keep him the heck away from her.
Real or Not?
Remember how Chris Brown beat Rihanna beyond recognition back in 2009 before the Grammys? It's okay if you forgot -- apparently she and her dad did too.
In any case, Brown is like, totes sorry for that. Maybe.

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