Walks Like Rihanna
What happens when you're the most famous singer on the planet and you get wasted at a music festival?
The same thing that happens to the rest of us: You get kicked out. Rihanna learned that the hard way this weekend.
He Said, She Said
Seems Chris Brown thinks he and his on-again-off-again ex-girlfriend Rihanna are cool. But based on one of her recent Instagram posts, they are anything but.
Worlds Colliding
Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence are not two names you'd normally expect to find in the same sentence -- except when RiRi just so happens to run into J. Law during Paris Fashion Week.
Ladies, Ladies
This weekend, Rihanna posted selfies while smoking two ginormous blunts. No surprise there -- she's a known pal of Mary Jane's. She also poses topless on the regular (and doesn't hesitate to slip a bottomless shot that angers her mother into the mix every now and then).
But it seems Daily Mail journ…
Irish Vengeance
Rihanna is no stranger to being naked on Instagram and in promotional materials, but the good God-fearing people of Dublin, Ireland will have none of her shenanigans.
So they've (rather hilariously) started covering her topless ads with actual clothing.
Get the Look for Less
Rihanna is an avowed fashion plate, but even she has days where she dresses down and goes somewhat casual.
We said "somewhat." Because even then, she's still retains an element of high style.
During a recent trip to New York, the fond-of-posing-topless singer wore a graphic tee, short shor…
'I'm Not Crazy'
Even though many people think Amanda Bynes has gone off the rails in the past few months, she still claims she hasn't -- which makes us wonder what kind of "normal Amanda Bynes" behavior we've been missing out on all these years.
A Rihanna fan is claiming that the sexy singer gave her herpes -- but not in a way you'd brag about.
Wax Job
Rihanna gets joy out of not others' pain, but her own.
Case in point? The 'Diamonds' singer reportedly loves the feeling of having hair and skin ripped off of her naughty bits: she loves getting Brazilian bikini waxes, and not just for the results (which she proudly displays on Instagr…
RiRi Gets the Last Word
Amanda Bynes has been acting increasingly unhinged for a while now, and being arrested late last week seems to have pushed her off some imaginary ledge.
Not only is she claiming the bong she tossed out a window was really just a vase, she's threatening to sue pretty much everyone -- and now, for rea…
Sticky Split
There won't be any second (or third, fourth or fifth) helpings of Rihanna's birthday cake (cake cake cake cake cake) for Chris Brown.
The pair recently split again, and this time pals say it's going to finally stick.
Do Something
Funnyman Ricky Gervais -- who has made no secret of his atheism -- recently took to his Twitter feed in the wake of the devastating tornado in Oklahoma to call out some fellow celebs that he felt should've been more tangible with their sympathy.
Crash Into Me
While Rihanna is on tour, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have reunited, because that's what they always do. And this time, it did damage to something other than Tran's self-respect.
The duo were in a Mercedes that slammed into the back of another Mercedes. (Rich people have problems too, yo…
Rihanna + Miley, Sittin' in a Tree
In a recent string of interviews, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have acknowledged they'd enjoy sucking face with one another, an event that could generate enough collective wolf whistles to be heard from space.

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