Nicki Minaj

Talks to Herself
Nicki Minaj has made no secret that she thinks she has multiple personalities -- she often raps using her dissociative voices -- and now she's putting them to use on camera.
Minaj interviewed herself for an ELLE video, and it's safe to say this girl hates journalists. (Dude, what'd we …
Before + After
Nicki Minaj was scrubbed down for an ELLE magazine make-under, and she reported feeling a bit exposed as a result. Apparently those nipslips in the past were no match for a lack of wigs and dramatic face paint.
All Rapped Up
After doing a Nicki Minaj song for her TV show 'Glee,' actress Jane Lynch showed off just how adept her rap skills are on the March 4 episode of 'Conan.'
When urged to perform an encore of Minaj's hit 'Super Bass' (which will appear on an upcoming episode of 'G…
Tears of a Clown
If Nicki Minaj has seemed almost unrecognizable in the past few weeks, well, that's the point.
Minaj has been revamping her look to be more vamp and a lot less tramp, and she ditched the entire team that brought her technicolor nightmare to life in the first place.
Wigging Out
After a three-year partnership, Nicki Minaj's hair stylist (read: weave and wig stylist) has moved on to tease and spray fake Christmas tree snow on other celebrities who will allow him to properly express his art. Seems Minaj just didn't understand his deep dark wig-making soul.
Nicki Minaj Without Makeup
Nicki Minaj, is that you? The singer, rapper and wearer of crazy outfits performed a sound check on her E! special without the aid of makeup, making it hard to recognize the opinionated performer.
More Shade
Mariah Carey already threw some major shade at Nicki Minaj during her Barbara Walters interview, but now the ladies are struggling not to throw chairs at one another onstage.
At a recent 'American Idol' press conference, Mimi and the Harajuku Barbie complimented one another -- and sounded r…
No Sunscreen Required
Seems that feud (or publicity stunt, depending on your level of cynicism) between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj isn't over just yet, because during a 'Nightline' interview with Barbara Walters, Mariah threw major shade at her fellow 'American Idol' judge.
Meow, indeed.
Nicki Minaj vs. Steven Tyler
What would a Twitter feud list be without someone throwing around the claim that someone else is a racist? Not much of a list, that's what.
So that's what happened when Nicki Minaj misconstrued something Steven Tyler said about her upcoming stint as an 'American Idol' judge.
Sorry You're an Idiot
Steven Tyler took to Canadian television to apologize to upcoming 'American Idol' judge Nicki Minaj for some comments he made that she took as racist even though no one in their right mind would.
Stevie Nicks is from an era when you actually had to have, you know, talent to become a musical star. So she has little patience for the Nicki-come-latelys of dubious chops -- especially when they mouth off to established singers.
The legendary Fleetwood Mac icon recently weighed in on the epic 'Amer…
Nicki Goes Boom
A while back, there were murmurings that some diva-licious sparring was already happening between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj on the set of 'American Idol.' At the time, the public was given a gentle pat on the head and told that no, none of those rumors were true so we should just run along and pl…