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Donald Trump Loved Miley Cyrus' VMAs Performance [VIDEO]
Miley Cyrus' twerktastic performance during last week's MTV Video Music Awards had tongues and angry foam fingers wagging. Except apparently for mop-topped billionaire Donald Trump, who went on record via his Vine account to support Cyrus.
We know, we're haven't been this confused…
Billy Ray Cyrus Weighs In On Miley's VMAs Performance
Miley Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop' and 'Blurred Lines' medley at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards has been the talk of the town all week, angering the likes of the man who invented the foam finger, parents everywhere and a teddy bear organization -- but not Cyrus' own fat…
10 Celebrities Who Just Can't Quit Twitter
Twitter is the celebrity oracle, allowing them to spout endless missives in 140-character lines. Some famous folk use it for good -- shameless self promotion, charity endeavors -- and others go on bizarre rants. Either way, a lot of celebs end up regretting some of their posts (or in some cases, all…
Miley Cyrus + Liam Hemsworth Attend 'Paranoia' Premiere
Liam Hemsworth and Amber Heard's drama thriller, 'Paranoia,' premiered last night in Los Angeles, and Liam actually brought Miley Cyrus as his date, making this the first time they've been seen on a red carpet together in 14 months.
We'd say they look thrilled to be in each o…
Miley Cyrus Defends Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has found himself jumping from the proverbial frying pan into the fire lately, dealing with allegations of spitting in people's faces and being responsible for nightclub brawls. Not to mention things we can verify like peeing in mop buckets.
Enter bad girl Miley Cyrus to defend his hono…
Miley Cyrus Claims Britney Spears Understands Her
Miley Cyrus has been acting out a bit lately, but according to the singer herself, it's okay because you're supposed to be a mess in your 20s. Case in point? Her supposed bestie, Britney Spears, who had her own trouble in her younger (and more prone to getting a drastic haircut) days.
Now Miley is sa…
Miley Cyrus Kisses a Giant Baby
Miley Cyrus remains parched -- and now, probably a little embarrassed.
The former 'Hannah Montana' star turned self-proclaimed "urban" singer was spotted making out with someone who was a far cry from her alleged fiance, Liam Hemsworth.
Miley Cyrus Says She's Just Acting Like a 20-Year-Old
Twerking monster Miley Cyrus, who can't seem to stop much of anything these days, defends herself in a new interview by saying people in their 20s are supposed to be a mess because that's the point.
It's cool, you guys. Real life apparently doesn't start until you're 30.

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