Lindsay Lohan

Naughty + Nice
Lindsay Lohan will be a busy girl when she leaves rehab: She has an interview with Oprah, a high-paying docu-series on tap, and a career to revitalize.
That doesn't leave a lot of time for socializing -- but it's probably for the best since she may be dumping the vast majority of her frien…
Drunk Dialer
You know what's a good way to get kicked out your kid's therapy sessions when they're in rehab for alcohol and drug addiction? Calling in drunk.
That's what Dina Lohan did when she phoned Lindsay Lohan in treatment, and it worked out great!
Lucrative Deal
Lindsay Lohan and Oprah were in negotiations for her post-rehab confessional series for a while -- and Lohan's end is coming up roses.
And those roses -- and the green that comes with them -- may be just what she needs to get out of the red
Mommie Dearest
Lindsay Lohan and Oprah Winfrey will be working together soon -- on both a post-rehab interview and docuseries -- and Dina Lohan couldn't be happier because really, this is all about her.
Since the news broke, Dina has gushed that Oprah will be LiLo's new mentor. Which, family trees being w…
Seems like both Oprah Winfrey and Lindsay Lohan have good news today -- Oprah because her network gets the first LiLo interview following her stint in rehab and a docuseries to go with it, and La Lohan because, well, she gets to talk to Oprah.
YOU get a coup! And YOU get a coup! And YOU get a coup!
'Canyons' Trailer
Following months of drama, Lindsay Lohan and James Deen's masterpiece (we guess) 'The Canyons' finally has a trailer. And boy, is it ... a trailer!
Daddy Issues
Michael Lohan dropped some of what people assumed were truth bombs over the weekend about his famously troubled (but recovering) daughter, Lindsay Lohan. But lo and behold! It turns out he -- or tabloids -- may not be so credible after all.
Self Deprecation
Lindsay Lohan celebrated her birthday with a donated cake and on Twitter, where she revealed a healthy level of self-awareness about her career. (She's previously showcased self-awareness about her status as a public figure on 'Anger Management' and in 'Scary Movie 5,' which…
Words of Wisdom
A lot of celebrities and internet wonks have had advice for young starlets gone astray Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. But perhaps no celebrity has had such good advice as Dame Helen Mirren.
The woman is wise and wonderful and the super cool aunt we never had (sorry real-life aunts, we love you -- bu…
Lilo's Birthday Blowout
Lindsay Lohan may have celebrated her birthday at the Cliffside Rehab Center in Malibu with her long-suffering lawyer Shawn Holley, but that didn't mean she didn't have her cake and eat it too, because Carvel donated one.
Good Plan
Lindsay Lohan is apparently so worried about relapsing following her stint in rehab that she has big plans to go into hiding to ensure she stays on the up and up.
Quelle Surprise
Yesterday (June 13) it was reported that Lindsay Lohan had left the Betty Ford Clinic to finish out her 90-day court-ordered rehab at the Cliffside Center in Malibu, and that she'd done so simply because the latter facility was better equipped to handle longer stays.
But sources are now saying L…
Change of Venue
After 30 days, Lindsay Lohan has left the Betty Ford Clinic to complete the remainder of her 90-day court mandated rehab stint at the Cliffside Center in Malibu. And everyone -- prosecutors included -- signed off on the deal.
Paid in Full
Shawn Holley has saved Lindsay Lohan's ass more times than anyone can count. So when Holley graciously accepted the troubled starlet back as a client, her first order of business was to make sure Lindsay paid the massive amount of money she still owed.
And in a bizarre twist? The ladies are now …
Model Patient
Perhaps practice really does make perfect, because Lindsay Lohan is reportedly doing a spectacular job in rehab.
It's been over a week since Lindsay Lohan's doctors cut off her Adderall supply and, consequently, she began carving a tunnel through the wall of her room at the Betty Ford clinic with a spoon.
Now she's vowing to stock up on the drug the second she leaves. Hopefully the good folks at …
Looking for Love
Lindsay Lohan is looking for a lover in her Funny or Die eHarmony video, which is actually pretty charmingly self-aware.
LiLo Wants Out
After bouncing around from treatment center to treatment center, Lindsay Lohan finally settled on the apparent utopia of the Betty Ford clinic, where she could chain-smoke during her 90-day stay and take uppers on the reg.
But now Nurse Ratched (or the clinic's docs) have decided to strip Linds of th…

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