Jimmy Fallon

Heeeere's Jimmy
Rumors about an impending late-night shakeup have come to a head, proving that internet rumors are always true (they're not always true).
Reports that NBC is not only giving the imitable Jimmy Fallon a turn at the 'Tonight Show' helm, but also moving the program back to its old stompi…
'History of Rap 4'
"Justin Timberlake Week" on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' was pretty eventful, what with the coy shade JT threw at Kanye West, the barbershop quintet version of 'SexyBack' and all those mannequin arms flying about.
And on Friday, March 15, they closed out the wh…
We’d Party With Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon is one of the better hosts of late night, mostly because he regularly humiliates his guests by roping them into various shticks (like acting with mannequin arms).
We imagine this could get interesting with the added benefit of drunkenness.
Bringin' SexyBack
Continuing “Justin Timberlake Week” on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' Fallon and JT topped even the discussion of his feud with Kanye West by performing a barbershop quintet version of Timberlake's hit 'SexyBack.'
Slow down, guys. It's only t…
Your Move, Yeezy
After his fifth hosting stint on 'Saturday Night Live' on March 9, Justin Timberlake continued his television domination by kicking off “Justin Timberlake Week” on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' where he'll be the special guest and musical guest …
Late-Night Shuffle
With the news that Jimmy Fallon will soon take over 'The Tonight Show' so Jay Leno can finally retire (again), someone will have to fill Fallon's time slot.
Who will it be? If insiders are to be believed, none other than shock-jock and 'America's Got Talent' host Howard Stern.
After all, he's proven …
Worthy Successor
If you ever thought 'The Tonight Show' needed more boyish good looks and breaking into giggle fits, you're in luck: Jimmy Fallon is rumored to be replacing Jay Leno on the long-running late night chat show.
The Evolution of Mom Dancing
If you've been on the internet for maybe eight minutes, you've no doubt seen the 'Evolution of Dance,' a pretty brilliant routine from a dude named Judson Laipply that went viral years ago and has since racked up 210 million YouTube views. (Go watch it. We'll wait.)
On Friday night, Feb. 22, First L…
If you've already seen Justin Bieber making out with a severed mannequin head on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' tell us: On a scale of one to 10, how much therapy are you going to need?
Not since Jimmy Fallon climbed trees dressed like Robert Pattinson to complain about things that bothered him has a 'Late Night' sketch been this good.
Last night (Feb. 4), Fallon threw on a wig and a British accent to perform the bit 'Russell Brand Reads Star,' in which Fallon do…
Slow Jam
Ever wanted your politics to be more fun but Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart somehow just don't do it for you?
What the hell is wrong with you? But alright, fine. Enter late-night host Jimmy Fallon and 'NBC Nightly News' and 'Rock Center' anchor Brian Williams to slow-jam ab…
LiLo on 'Fallon'
She might be too busy to do a real interview with Barbara Walters, but Lindsay Lohan has all the time in the world to show up on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' and give unsuspecting audience members make-overs.
Wet + Wild
We admit we tool on Robert Pattinson pretty hard around here sometimes, but it's less about him and more about his taste in women and the annoying movie franchise that is 'Twilight.'
But in his Nov. 8 appearance on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' he was kind of adorable -- e…