Jennifer Love Hewitt

Twit Quit
Jennifer Love Hewitt is becoming a mom, and she wants as little bad juju around her bambini as humanly possible.
Of course, her way of dealing with that was to deactivate her Twitter, because the Internet is the world.
No Shotguns Necessary
Yesterday (June 4), Jennifer Love Hewitt announced that she was pregnant and that her boyfriend and 'Client List' co-star Brian Hallisay is the one who knocked her up.
Oh, sorry, did we say "boyfriend"? We meant "fiance." Because the pair has supposedly b…
Oh Baby
Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is in the family way -- that's "pregnant" for those of you who don't like cutesy idioms -- with her boyfriend and co-star, actor Brian Hallisay.
X Marks the Spot
Jennifer Love Hewitt is the newest person rumored to be snagging an up-for-grabs judging spot on the 'X Factor' panel.
What, you don't remember her illustrious music career? (We heard she's really big in Japan.)
Million Dollar Babies
Heidi Klum once admitted her legs were insured for $2 million, and Bruce Springsteen reportedly has a $6 insurance policy on his vocal cords. So it makes sense there would be a payout on famous boobs, too.
That said, while Jennifer Love Hewitt does have nice knockers, we’re not sure was in the ballpa…