James Gandolfini

Strong Willed
James Gandolfini was recently laid to rest after his untimely death on June 19. And now the late actor's will unsurprisingly reveals his young children will receive the vast majority of the wealth he left behind.
It was the 'Sopranos' reunion no one ever wanted to happen.
James Gandolfini was laid to rest today (June 27), just over a week after he died of a sudden heart attack in Italy -- and the list of mourners looked like a casting call.
Friends In High Places
It took a US President and two Secretaries of State to make it happen, but following James Gandolfini's unexpected death in Italy on June 19, the body of the 'Sopranos' actor is back on American soil, and plans have been made to lay him to rest.
Actor James Gandolfini tragically passed away on June 19, and we've got just the thing to bring a smile to your face after the loss of such an amazingly talented and warm-hearted star: Join us as we celebrate the life of 'The Sopranos' star with some of our favorite moments, in GIF fo…
An old-fashioned ice cream parlor and diner called Holsten's Brookdale Confectionary in Bloomfield, NJ became an impromptu gathering place for fans mourning the loss of actor James Gandolfini, who died of an apparent heart attack on June 19.
James Gandolfini, who gained fame as Tony Soprano on the wildly popular HBO hit 'The Sopranos,' has died of a possible heart attack. He was just 51 years old.