Ellen DeGeneres

We’d Party With Ellen DeGeneres
Queen of daytime TV Ellen DeGeneres is our kind of girl. She spends award shows gaping at boobs (specifically Katy Perry's mint-green sweater yams) and playfully embarrassing other celebs on the regular.
And of course she can bring her gorgeous wife Portia de Rossi along on our bar crawl. Assumi…
Sofia + Ellen
When we last saw good-natured 'Modern Family' star Sofia Vergara on Ellen DeGeneres' show, she played along as she was the literal butt of a joke that spoofed her infamous wardrobe malfunction.
This time around, Vergara was tasked with making it all the way through a scripted Diet Pepsi commercial wh…
Kunis + Kutcher
Ellen DeGeneres gave Mila Kunis a hilariously hard time on 'The Ellen Show,' because, like anyone else sane who dates Ashton Kutcher, Kunis was quiet about it.
Quiet and really, really nervous.
Bombs Away
Kelly Clarkson won not only the Best Pop Vocal Album award at the 2013 Grammys, but also our hearts.
Grammys Photo Roundup
Photographers were on hand to capture the antics of the 2013 Grammy attendees because booze plus celebrities equals fun. Or in this case, photos plus the appearance of Ellen DeGeneres equals fun.
Marry Us, Amanda
Amanda Seyfried is quickly becoming our celebrity BFF.
Earlier this week on 'Late Night With David Letterman,' she admitted that her intense stage fright means she needs to get her drink on before she goes on talk shows.
And then she proved the point when she stopped by 'The Ellen DeGen…
Mutual Admiration
If you're Christina Aguilera, you spend every waking moment in as little clothing as possible and you always go commando. And even when you're not naked, you still talk about it with people like Ellen DeGeneres.
And then maybe you throw in a non-related story about your girl crush on Hillar…
Ellen DeGeneres – Oyster Shucker
Before she invaded our households as a TV host, the beloved Ellen DeGeneres lived in lots of places and held numerous jobs — including one as an oyster shucker in Louisiana (hey, someone has to get those little aphrodisiacs outta their shells).
Mirror Images
Halloween is a fun day for a lot of shows, but with the weather situation this year, a lot of programs canceled their annual celebrations. But on Wednesday, Ellen DeGeneres did us a huge favor and gave us something awesome to laugh at.
She dolled herself up as fellow Cover Girl spokesmodel Sofia Verg…