Christina Hendricks

10 Facts You Might Not Know About 'Mad Men'
Mad Men will close the doors of Sterling-Cooper for good in just a few weeks' time, but did you know that the Emmy-winning AMC prestige drama was written in 1999, and rejected everywhere until 2006? Or that an episode paid a cool $250K for a single Beatles song? These are just some of the Mad m…
Christina Hendricks Style Breakdown
Christina Hendricks, with her fiery red hair, porcelain skin and curvy figure, is a unique, unconventional beauty. The 'Mad Men' star dresses to play up her hourglass shape and often chooses attire in slimming, figure flattering black. She loves L'Wren Scott's designs, too!
Before They Were Famous: Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks was the lead in Everclear's 1999 game show-style music video, 'One Hit Wonder,' and the beauty wasn't spared the questionable '90s outfits -- or an unflattering shaggy haircut.
The redheaded bombshell had steady - if forgettable - work throughout the years…