Britney Spears

A trio of Sin City hotels are currently having a bidding war over who will get Britney Spears and her fleet of babysitters (minus one) to take up musical residence on the Las Vegas strip.
Returns Ring
Britney Spears recently called off her engagement to Jason Trawick -- and now she's given back the ring, too. The rock, which cost roughly $90,000, is a drop in the bucket for BritBrit, who is slated to rake in more than $100 million a year very soon.
Splitsville in Britville
Quick, hide the electric razors! It's splitsville in Britville, as pop tart Britney Spears and her fiancé Jason Trawick, who was once her agent, have ended their engagement. The twosome, who began dating in 2009 and got engaged on his 40th birthday in December of 2011, are officially over. But rumors of trouble in paradise have been swirling for weeks.
Outta There
With rumors of Britney Spears' possible firing from 'X Factor' circling the internet and much speculation swirling about possible new judges, a FOX exec at the TCA winter press tour said he's still a fan of the 'Toxic' singer.
Boring Brit
Apparently Simon Cowell would have rather had Britney Spears beating cars with umbrellas again on 'X Factor' instead of just, you know, showing up late once in a while. The crankypants Brit wanted his own highly-paid Brit to be more entertaining and a bit more of a loose cannon on the struggling Fox show, but instead she was just sort of ... off.
Someone Needs a Hobby
It's good to have a hobby, but we're not so sure if Jonathan Lee Riches' penchant for filing ridiculous fake lawsuits against celebrities and public figures is a productive one. But amusing? Sometimes, since the latest one punked Radar Online and everyone -- including us -- who repeated it. (Mea culpa.)
What the What?
Chris Federline, brother of super-spermed Kevin Federline, is making the news based on allegations that his former sister-in-law Britney Spears committed credit card fraud and that he's the father of her son Sean Preston. What the what?
Writer's Block
Britney Spears may soon be able to add "author" to her resume, because she's currently in talks to write her first novel. Just imagine her future book joining the shelves beside literary greats like Jane Austen, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Dorothy Parker and Henry James. Now imagine all those authors screaming in horror from the Great Beyond.
Go Away Already
Britney Spears’ former manager -- hanger-on, whatever -- Sam Lufti has been on a rampage with a lawsuit against the singer and her family for various and sundry horrible things they supposedly did to him while he was her selfless loyal servant. Finally, after all kinds of crying and gnashing of teeth on Lufti's part, one of the many intelligent and patient judges in Los Angeles told him to pick up
Tears of a Clown
The Britney Spears and Sam Lufti trial saga continues, with Lufti testifying that physical abuse from Spears' family and death threats from her fans left him feeling suicidal. Aw. Poor baby. Poor manipulative, famewhoring baby.
Leeches R Us
Explosive allegations from douchebag hanger-on Sam Lufti were made public on Thursday when his trial against Britney Spears and her family began in Los Angeles.

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