Barack Obama

Not Impressed
President Obama welcomed the US ladies' gymnastic team -- aka the Fierce Five -- to the White House on Thursday, and while they were there, he couldn't pass up the opportunity to pull his best "not impressed" face alongside McKayla Maroney.
You guys, we re-elected Barack Obama! Everything's going to be okay!
It's time to celebrate with the very best and funniest and most awesome Obama GIFs in this week's GIFapalooza.
Donald Dreck
While celebrities cheered the reelection of President Obama last night, horribly-coiffed blowhard billionaire Donald Trump rolled around in his money like Scrooge McDuck and complained to an unsympathetic internet.
All A-Twitter
President Obama certainly has his share of celebrity supporters, so when he won reelection on Tuesday night, you could feel the joy radiating off their Twitter pages.
While Donald Trump came hilariously unhinged, other (actual) celebs celebrated in expected fashion.
Jay-Z + Obama
Over the past several years, President Obama and Jay-Z have become very good friends who occasionally come together like the powerhouse of cool they are.
And POTUS and Hova have one topic they always chat about: the women they love.  Especially their daughters.