Alicia Silverstone

Oh, Baby
Yesterday, we told you all about Alicia Silverstone's "heart in the right place" breast milk swap which pairs donated breast milk with babies who need breast milk (even if it is icky and unsafe) and less than 24-hours later it's been giving the Taiwanese video treatment, …
Express Purpose
Eco-warrior Alicia Silverstone is at it again, but this time it's not to tout ecologically safe vibrators that run on love and patchouli or to feed her son like a baby bird -- but rather to organize a breast milk swap between mothers.
Sorry, were you eating? Our bad.
Good Vibrations
In an effort to live a more green life, you've probably recycled, fixed your leaky faucets, and maybe even ridden your bike to work. That said, we’re guessing you've never paid much attention to your private bedroom habits -- and Alicia Silverstone thinks it&CloseCurlyQuote…