Members of the media quite often end up interviewing celebrities and dignitaries. Most of the time they do their best on these press junkets to maintain their professionalism and not become star-struck -- but every once in a while, even they have to break character.

Especially when it’s your daughter and you're interviewing her big crush: Ryan Gosling.

The dad involved here, KTLA reporter Sam Rubin, tells the story pretty well himself, and you really can’t blame him for crossing the professional line just a bit. He might not be asked to do another presser any time soon, but the payoff here was worth it.

On top of that, Gosling was not only super cool about the autograph request, but damned impressed with his young fan's knowledge about his career -- especially an album he was a part of years ago.

The end result? A handwritten note on the album cover personally addressed to Rubin's daughter, Perry, and the words, "We have to stop meeting this way."

Ryan Gosling's adorable note to one lucky fan.

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