Celebrations call for cake, champagne or, if you're Meghan Trainor, a trip around the house atop a vehicle that looks like it regularly circles Tatooine. SHE'S COMING FOR YOU, ROOMBA!

The "Lips Are Movin" singer, who was unfortunately knocked out of commission earlier this month when doctors noticed a hemorrhage on her vocal cords ("So frustrated but cant make any noise," she lamented via social media) is evidently back in fighting shape, and ready to press on through the next leg of her "MTrainTour." The singer was so pumped by the good news, she took her joy to the streets—or, at least, around the house.

"Great news!! DOCTOR SAYS IM OK TO SING!! so happy!! Riding around the house on my new #Mohawk," Trainor posted in an Instagram video above, which finds her roving around the house on a vehicle that looks like Rosie Jetson's bottom half. Better find some protective pads, Meghan—we'd hate to see you back on bed rest in a full body cast!

Trainor's tour will continue in St. Louis on Tuesday and wind through the United States until September 13, when it concludes in Atlantic City at the famous Borgata.

Are you headed out to see Meghan on tour? Take a look at her full lineup of tour dates, and tell us if your summer's suddenly looking up!

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