Chronicling Lil Kim's ever-morphing appearance is nearly a full-time job. But when talk show host Wendy Williams called her out on it, Lil Kim got more than a lil angry -- and she used Twitter as a microphone.

"Do you want to talk about Lil' Kim and that face of hers?" Williams asked her studio audience on Tuesday. "It's filled so tight now, Kim, it looks like a pin would just pop you." She followed up by announcing Kim had finally "out-La Toya'd" even notorious plastic surgery victim La Toya Jackson.

When Kim got wind of the comments, she sniped at Williams, tweeting:

Then Kim opened up the closet and let a few skeletons fall out, tweeting:

"@WendyWilliams Stop hating on me because U sucked Big's d--- & he didn't want nothing to do with yo ass after that."

"Big," in this case, being late rap legend Biggie Smalls. Dish!

Kim finally closed out her rant with:

The beef between Wendy and Kim isn't new. In her 2005 song 'Shut Up Bitch,' Kim rapped, “Don’t come around here with that Wendy Williams s---, get your facts straight or shut up bitch.”

But really, Kim shouldn't get so worked up about what Wendy says on her show. Williams seems to like the attention -- not only did she tag Kim in a tweet about the video clip above (to be absolutely sure Kim would see it), she even once said Beyonce is pretty much dumb as a box of hair.

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