Actor Liev Schreiber gained some awesome points and a great story to tell at cocktail parties over the weekend when he broke up a fight between a photographer and a restaurant employee.

The 'Movie 43' star was at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica when paparazzi swarmed his car, prompting a waiter at the eatery to flip out and assume the role of bodyguard.

The man shooed the paps away, cursing and telling them it was private property. And when a photographer asked not to be touched, the waiter said, "If you punch me with that [camera] I will eat you alive," and then he screamed "I will eat you! EAT YOU!"

So if you go to Giorgio Baldi, maybe don't order the chef's special.

After the photog took a swipe at the waiter, Schreiber stepped in like a boss, saying, "No, no, no. Don't do it. It's not worth it," and shut the whole thing down.

All in all, the waiter repeated his cannibalistic threat five times, the photographer probably got some good shots, and Liev Schreiber hopefully didn't eat anything suspicious looking.

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