Jeff Garlin's on-screen persona is known for getting into awkward situations, but it'd be hard to top the real-life scene that went down on Saturday, June 15, when the 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' actor smashed up the windows of a Mercedes after a parking dustup.

Following an argument about the woman's shoddy park job, Garlin hulked out -- breaking her windows with his bare hands, yo -- and was nabbed for felony vandalism, TMZ reports.

But it seems Garlin's in luck, because he won't be facing any criminal charges. Instead, he'll have to endure a patronizing talk with the L.A. City Attorney, who will lecture the comedian on the situation and vandalism law (in the style of McGruff the Crime Dog, if there is any justice in the world at all).

But Jeff isn't completely in the clear. If he gets in any more trouble, the city can still file charges, plus the woman in the Mercedes remains able to go after him in civil court.

Susie Greene would be pissed.

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