Okay, Jack Osbourne, you've won us over. You're clearly a very different guy from the insolent, whiny punk we used to watch on 'The Osbournes' -- but we didn't know you were in the life-saving business, too.

The new father is in Hawaii honeymooning after his not-so-secret Sunday wedding to baby mama Lisa Stelly. And the day after they tied the knot, the two were enjoying newlywed time at the beach when a woman had a heart attack in the water and began to drown -- but Osbourne and a friend rescued her and kept her breathing until an ambulance arrived.

The unnamed woman is recovering, and Jack Osbourne’s new wife later happily told her Twitter followers all about her heroic hubby:


When asked for comment, Jack's dad, legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne, muttered, "Mmmmxmmshaawejroig SHARROOOOOOONNNNN!"

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