John Cusack got majorly creeped out by a stalker on Tuesday (Sept. 3) when she tried getting into his house. The least she could have done was stand outside blasting 'In Your Eyes,' but she didn't even do that.

TMZ reports that Elizabeth Pahlke, 45, tried numerous times to break into Cusack's home yesterday. When she couldn't gain entry into his Malibu, Calif., mansion's property in a legal, safe manner, she took matters into her own hands and attempted to climb through a window. When that failed, Pahlke attempted to scale the walls.

When Cusack's security spotted her climbing a fence, they took action and detained her until cops arrived.

Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies arrested Pahlke, who'd actually been issued a restraining order earlier that day -- though it's unclear why. (Well, maybe not that unclear.) Pahlke is currently being held on $150,000 bail.

Pahlke wasted her time, too -- Cusack wasn't even home!

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