Kendall Jenner is beautiful, famous and rich, so when she complains about her problems, it seems a little obnoxious. Especially to Frances Bean Cobain, who went ballistic on the reality starlet over a vague tweet.

In a series of tweets, Cobain -- the daughter of late Nirvana frontman Kurt and the oft-unhinged Courtney Love -- blasted Jenner for her self-absorption.

It began when Jenner wrote, "Just wish things could be easier sometimes mann."

Cobain then continued, "Oh ya, not to mention CANCER, famine, poverty, draught [sic], disease, natural disasters, death. F---, Humans are so self-involved ... I'd rather be a scumbag than a f---ing idiot. Praise high IQs, good taste & awareness about the state of the world."

While Cobain's knowledge of global poverty and problems is commendable, we're not sure her vitriol was completely warranted. To drive the point home, however, she also delivered one more tweet that she didn't delete later on.

Her proud, if often estranged, mom then replied:

Jenner, for as self-absorbed and idiotic as Cobain thinks she is, actually made a smart move: She never responded. We'll call this one a tie in terms of PR-savviness.

UPDATED: The part about Kendall wisely not responding? Never mind.

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