Outspoken Republican Clint Eastwood is distancing himself from one aspect of his buddy Mitt Romney's platform: gay marriage. Turns out the erstwhile Dirty Harry is totally down with dudes wedding dudes.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Eastwood was one of over 100 "prominent Republicans" who apparently believe that a small government and creating a second class citizenry for homosexuals don't necessarily have to go hand-in-hand.

The 82-year-old Hollywood legend and longtime California resident put his John Hancock on a "friend of the court" brief filed by the American Foundation for Equal Rights. The petition is part of ongoing protests against California's Proposition 8, the infamous and inane Constitutional amendment that says only straight marriage is "valid or recognized" in the state.

The California gay marriage ban will go before the Supreme Court next month, and Eastwood is one of zillions of celebs, as well as 61 percent of the overall Cali population, to speak out against it. Perhaps the most important boldfaced name to speak out against Prop 8? That would be Eastwood's political nemesis, some guy named Barack Obama.

Ups to Clint for taking a break from speaking to invisible people to support the rights of tangible citizens.

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