When faux punk-rocker Avril Lavigne and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger announced their engagement in August, the jokes flew fast and furious. Neither of these two are particularly well-respected in musical circles, so it almost seemed like they were taking one for the team by pairing up on their own.

But if you're excited about the upcoming nuptials, there's a T-shirt to say so publicly. Just make sure you can outrun any detractors.

Some entrepreneurial Canuck printed up tees featuring Chavril, the eye-rolling mashup name given to the Canadian couple by fans, with a black-and-white rendering of the photo released after Chad popped the question to April with an eleventymillion-carat diamond ring that made sure she wouldn't say no.

The Chavril Boutique (seriously) planned to sell the tees -- modeled on the site by a lookalike duo -- and other items to celebrate what they called "the closest our country is ever going to get to a Royal Wedding."

But alas, after receiving a ton of free press from a variety of websites, Kroeger's record company shut the whole thing down since record companies are humorless that way. Or maybe Chad's already having second thoughts about the engagement. (Or, less amusingly, there were copyright issues around the photo itself.)

Regardless, the Chavril Boutique's Facebook page says it'll keep the site alive as a "fan site," and if we know anything about crazy fans, you can count on those T-shirts being sold on the sly -- because CHAVRIL WILL NOT BE DENIED.

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